How to get rid of belly fat with a drink easy to prepare?

A harsh diet may not come with its intended goal of burning belly fat, especially “stubborn” ones. Therefore, there is a drink effective in burning belly fat and lose weight, and rid the body of toxins as well. To learn more about this natural drink, its benefits and how to prepare it, here’s how:


Natural drink

Detox is a system, before you start to commit to any diet, because it eliminates bad dietary habits, and thus prepare the body to benefit from any new diet. In addition, the benefits of detox drink are not limited to the burning of belly fat, but it also has several health benefits, including:


  1. Expel toxins from the body, minimizing bloating and gases in it.
  2. Clean the colon and cleanse it.
  3. Skin cleanse, as the drink relieves the impurities that cause stress.
  4. Improve mood and increase concentration.


  1. Reduce heart disease and cholesterol.
  2. Protect the body from diseases caused by harmful eating habits.
  3. Preparing the body to absorb vitamins.

How to prepare a detox drink

  • Ingredients: 1 cucumber, cut into rings, 3 sticks of fresh celery, 5 sticks of parsley, 3 slices of pineapple (grapefruit, orange or lemon slices can be replaced).

These ingredients contain fiber and vitamins, and contribute to the preparation of a drink rich in vitamin C, and purify the body of toxins, and stimulate the burning of belly fat.

  • Ingredients: Add the ingredients, half a cup of pure water, to the electric mixer, and beat, until a soft mixture is formed.
  • How to drink: Drink in the morning as soon as prepared, especially before breakfast, and follow a healthy and balanced diet during the day.
  • This drink ensures the burning of “stubborn” belly fat within a week.

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