How to eliminate rumen and lose weight?

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The rumen is one of the problems faced by many and negatively affects many things in life.

This rumen can be overcome by diet and sports with patience and perseverance. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step which is due to bad eating habits and excessive eating at irregular times, as well as excessive intake of carbohydrates in addition to lack of exercise, and more seriously, imported dairy products. It may be hard to believe that to make one kilo of low-fat white cottage cheese, we need 14 liters of milk, and every kilo of powder milk needs much more,

Therefore, it is not surprising that we find one in six men in the Arab countries suffering from obesity at the age of thirty and then increase this percentage after the age of forty. It is also known that the proportion of fat in the body of women is twice the fat in the body of men.

These are the fat that causes rumen, which is formed near the liver and digestive system and spread in the veins of the abdomen because of the influence of the hormone insulin increases blood sugar and turns into fat, especially with the increase in the wrong eating habits and guidance sweets and chocolate, the more the type of luxury the more calories.


Bellied rumen types are divided into four types:

– Type I: rumen muscular: This problem occurs in the abdominal muscles, which is a result of imbalance in the use of the owner of his motor system, such as using the muscles of the shoulders and arms only during work and does not move the waist while sitting at the office throughout the day or in front of the wheel in this type occurs stretching muscles The abdomen increases in size and develops.

– The second type: sagging rumen: It occurs as a result of the use of only two muscles in the middle of the abdomen, the result is sagging and the appearance of rumen, and this type also occurs as a result of surgical operations in the abdominal area such as hernia operations that lead to sagging abdomen and relaxed muscles and injury laziness and laxity and thus widens Human need for food and drink heavily precipitate fat and obesity, which leads to the appearance of rumen flabby with the presence of folds in the skin in the form of layers in some cases.

– The third type: rumen bulging: It is a balloon-like rumen, and occurs as a result of excessive human eating and drinking in excess of the body’s need, and this excessive eating occurs as a result of a person’s depression or anxiety or nervous tension find human eating greedily breathing and trying to get out Of these concerns, which caused him this tension and anxiety, and may also happen to the human being optimistic happy as a result of his appetite open after emptying his emotions and emotions also deals with large quantities of eating and drinking until it occurs obesity and thus appears rumen.

– Type IV: hormonal rumen: It is noted that the shape of this rumen is zigzag and resembles orange peel, and occurs when the work of hormones disturbed within the human body and increases the secretion of corticosteroids disturbs the distribution of the adrenal gland to fat on different areas and parts of the body, which leads to increased fat in the abdomen Only in men, and for women, fat often accumulates in the lower part of the abdomen and accompanied by obesity in the thighs and buttocks and this obesity takes irregular forms in these parts.

10 ways to get rid of the rumen

1- Reduce the amount of salt

Salt or sodium chloride compound is known to help a lot of fluid retention under the skin, which increases local obesity in the abdomen. Salt intake in food should be reduced. On the other hand, salt has too much damage to public health. the blood .

2 – abdominal suction

It does not mean abdominal suction is suction through cosmetic surgery and local obesity, but it is intended to tighten the abdomen by tightening the abdominal muscles, can be used to tighten the abdomen while sitting and walking and even sleep, as it contributes very much to get a flat belly and free of any pains .

3 – exercise

Sport is the only secret to fitness, because it helps to tighten the body and protect it from contamination, and there are known exercises to tighten the abdomen where it helps burn about 67% of the calories in the abdominal area, such as pressure exercises known and other exercises to tighten the abdomen.

4- Drinking water

It is known for water that helps to moisturize the skin, which keeps the body from the inside and outside, and water is a necessary element of metabolism, and the abdomen can get rid of a lot of fat accumulated by eating too much water because it expels toxins from inside the body.

5 – eating natural fiber

The sources of natural fibers are very well known: vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains, as fiber helps to facilitate digestion, which helps to do metabolism, and the natural fibers found in vegetables and fruits help to store abdominal fat.

  1. Rowing

Rowing works to reduce the proportion of fat in the upper body, especially the abdomen, abdominal muscles work significantly during rowing, can be done this sport daily until you get a tight belly and free of any pouches.


  1. Reduce the intake of sugars

It is known that sugars are the most foods that increase the feeling of bloating, especially soft drinks and containing soda, you should refrain from eating sugars or at least two tablespoons a day, or it is possible to drink sparkling water.

8- Eat fish

Fish are known to be rich in omega-3s, especially salmon and tuna, where fish acids work to combat the proportion of fat in the body, so most doctors recommend eating fish twice a day so as to eliminate all harmful belly fat.

9 – eating sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds, or the so-called Syrian pulp, are one of the most monounsaturated fats that are important sources of metabolism, so sunflower seeds significantly reduce belly fat.

10 – Avoid drinking alcohol

Alcohol is known to cause a lot of risk to the body, because it increases the hormone cortisol and the function of this hormone is to convert the fat in food directly to the abdomen, which increases the size of the abdomen and lead to many health problems.

How to get rid of rumen and lose weight


  • Eating skimmed yogurt in particular helps you get rid of the rumen, where some studies have indicated that eating yogurt three times a week may give you the right and desired results, due to the presence of bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus), which is a beneficial bacteria and naturally viable in the human body This acid is one of the acids that most Arab and African countries lack, and its deficiency often leads to intestinal disorders as well as difficulty. The process of digestion.
  • Some studies have indicated that eating yogurt increases the body’s ability to burn, and thus burn fat accumulated in the abdomen that lead to the appearance of rumen.
  • Avoid eating sugar wherever you are and of all kinds, while taking care to reduce the foods rich in sugar; where sugar and foods containing it is one of the sources that often increase the fat in the abdomen.
  • Drinking water in general from the advice often referred to by nutritionists, as it helps the body to get rid of fat and toxins contained in it, and thus lose weight, in addition to the ability of water to remove the bulges in the abdomen and give him a tight texture, by 10-12 cups Daily .
  • Exercise abdominal exercises easy and fast, which you can do on a daily basis, for example, lying down on dry ground, and then lift the body up, with repeated this process ten times in a row.
  • Ginger, green tea, pineapple juice, and grapefruit juice.
  • Early sleep and not eating meals before going to sleep.

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