Diet to fight hunger and lose weight

The majority of human beings, when they feel hungry, secrete ghrelin, also called “hunger hormone,” which inevitably deviates from dieting rules. High foods (fast food, french fries, soft drinks, toasted chips, Arabic and Western sweets with high sugars …) and thus avoiding these foods will certainly lead to weight loss.

The feeling of hunger has a negative impact on the body, not only from eating high-calorie foods, but also a large amount of these foods in a short time, which may lead to a feeling of bloating, and pain in the abdomen. So, when you stick to it, there are tips to help you lose weight while resisting hunger:

  • Breakfast: Breakfast is a meal that helps to increase the feeling of satiety during the day, especially when the selection of ingredients.

Drink plenty of water: the symptoms of hunger and those of thirst are often mixed, which makes sure that we get what we need on a daily basis, because it enhances the feeling of satiety for a longer time, and works to fill the stomach. In this context, it is advisable to drink two liters of water, to three of it, per day.


  • Chewing food: Eating slowly, and chewing food over and over again, helps to promote a sense of satiety, and thus eat less.
  • Abandoning the habit of eating while watching TV: This habit is responsible for gaining additional calories, due to the distraction of attention.
  • Choose small dishes: In this advice a bit of optical illusion of the eye, and the illusion that she ate enough food.

Protein and fiber at each meal: Protein (animal / vegetable) and fiber intake slows digestion and increases satiety.

Sleep well enough: Good sleep (an average of 7 hours a day) makes us control the “hunger hormone,” and thus achieves compliance with dietary rules.


Foods that reduce hunger

When you feel hungry while following a diet, you need to re-monitor your calorie intake. A “strict” diet can have a negative impact on health. On the other hand, here is a list of some of the foods and beverages that can be eaten during a healthy diet, without guilt, when hungry:

  1. Cucumber is a low-calorie vegetable, in a cup of 16 calories, and is packed with water in its ingredients, and thus increases the feeling of satiety for a longer time.


  1. Mushrooms are rich in vegetable protein, in addition to low calories, in a cup of 15 calories.
  2. Lettuce is rich in water and dietary fiber, in each leaf of a single calorie.
  3. Spinach is packed with fiber, and is low in calories, as it contains a package of 7 calories. Therefore, it is advisable to add it to the authorities, especially since it is rich in folic acid.
  4. Apple enhances the feeling of satiety, because it contains dietary fiber and water. In a cup of apple cuts 57 calories, but be aware that the servings of apples (or other fruits) does not exceed three servings, per day.
  5. cheese is abundant protein, and low fat, so eating promotes a sense of satiety, and control appetite during the day.

  1. Boiled egg white contains a high proportion of protein, so it contributes to increase the feeling of satiety for a longer time during the day, especially that in the egg white grain of boiled eggs 17 calories. Some nutritionists recommend a serving of bread, with labneh, egg whites and vegetables for breakfast, ensuring long satiety.
  2. Green tea promotes satiety, contains antioxidants, and is free of calories. Therefore, it is recommended to drink it twice a day, while following a special diet.


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